December 28, 2017

Katie&Sam// New Mexico Couple’s Session

my heart could just burst.
A) gorgeous blue skies and 60 degrees back home in New Mexico
and B) photographing two dear friends that now are together.
Katie was one of my closest friends in college out in Massachusetts– we even flew to Haiti just the two of us after the earthquake in 2010 because our hearts were just overwhelmed by the call to go. There’s no words for how much I treasured her during that season of my life. Sam was a good friend of mine back in Albuquerque before I left to college. We kept in touch after I moved, and I even used to joke with Katie that she should get together with my friend Sam. Well, seven or so years later, they both ended up living in Nashville (after my husband and I had already moved away.. not cool), and meeting. And here they are, happily together for almost a year exactly now.
I cannot tell you how much I freaked out when I got a text of a picture of the two of them together. Just insane!!!
And here we all are back in New Mexico visiting family for Christmas.
Life is just beautifully bizarre, friends.

Enjoy this spontaneous session with them in the arroyo by my parent’s house. so much happiness. <3

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