December 22, 2017

Sammy&Ben’s Joy-filled & Wintery Engagement Session// Eau Claire, WI

These two– talk about overflowing with joy!
They made the first day of winter feel like springtime love and summertime sunshine– Sammy’s smile alone could melt the Arctic. We began our time together at one of my favorite little cozy coffee shops in Eau Claire (and locally owned by incredible people!!)– the Living Room. I feel like I just sat back and was able to just enjoy watching these two snuggle up, laugh their faces off and enjoy a warm chai latte together– it was so obvious that they just love being t o g e t h e r. **sigh of contentment*.. I suppose long-distance will do that to you:) Sammy found herself a English man!
We then headed to a nearby park where, although Ben was freeeeeezing (England is a tad warmer than Wisconsin), snow perfectly and peaceful filled the sky and graced everything else with it.
I’m so excited for these two, and sooooo incredibly eager for their wedding next year!<3

Enjoy this peak into my time with them!
(if only you could enjoy Ben’s accent through the images;) )

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