May 7, 2021

Rachel + Craig’s Golden Light Engagement Session// Eau Claire, WI

I’ve been thinking a lot about commitment lately.
+ how powerful it is to have a commitment that counts + that continues.

I’ve found that when we make commitments to ourselves— they tend to waver or fall apart with trends or feelings.
what if we could commit past what looks good or sounds good on the surface?
what if we could show up when we don’t feel like it + when nobody else is going to see it or applaud us for it?
what if we could continue in it even when it’s hard— because we know it’s worth it?
we have to commit— dedicate ourselves— to something or SOMEONE outside of ourselves.

we all long to be a part of something bigger.

+ you know what I’ve realized, friends?
— the power of commitment comes WHEN WE TELL SOMEONE.

so here’s to stepping out of trendy + stepping into dedication.
here’s to opening our mouths, finding accountability + empowerment from speaking our commitment out loud.
+ most importantly— here’s to leaning heavily on the One who has committed His heart in covenant to us.

I’m SO excited to celebrate these two later this month!
Enjoy this peak into their engagement session.

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