April 7, 2017

Hello Baby– Naomi’s Evening Spring Sun Lifestyle Session// Eau Claire, WI

Photography by Kelsey Jonas

newborn lifestyle sessions just have a way of getting my heart…
but when they’re of this girl and her new little girl–
wow, my heart is a beautiful wreck.

we’ve spent a season doing life together before husbands and babies were even a thing.
stood up in each other’s weddings.
we’ve laughed until we’ve cried, and we’ve cried until the mourning shifted into joy.
we’ve chased fireflies through fields at dusk.
taken countless photographs together.
we’ve challenged each other.
encouraged each other.
prayed. prayed. and prayed some more.
we’ve cooked and baked and ate and ate and ate.
talked life and Jesus over countless cups of tea.
we’ve seen mountain tops together, and helped navigate the valleys.
and now after having her friendship in my motherhood journey,
I get to watch her start her own.

happy one month of life, sweet Naomi. you are loved.
and have one incredible mother.

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