January 1, 2017

to have & to hold// remembering 2016

finding words to remember this past wedding season seems nearly impossible…
as we look back over these images– our hearts are flooded.
so many incredible, beautiful people.
so many breath-taking dresses.
so many picture-perfect venues.
so many unforgettable first looks.
so many teary-eyed vows.
so many adoring, cheering loved ones.
so many twirls and dips as the sun dipped low.
so many “clients” that became like family to us.
from all over Wisconsin to Minnesota to New Mexico to Pennsylvania.
2016 has been FULL.

and we are just unbelievably grateful.
grateful for the memories.
the celebrations.
the covenants.
the lives that were changed across the earth because of financial donations from these weddings.
the privilege of allowing so many to relive their day over and over, when really we just feel like the ones blessed.

2016 brides, we’ll always remember the early morning drives, watching the sunrise with coffee in hand (Caribou for Kelsey & Starbucks for Alyssa), reliving your engagement session and dreaming up what we think your dress is going to look like.
pulling up to your venue and instantly being awed.
squeezing you as we find you with hair&makeup half-done– absolutely giddy that your day is finally here!

2016 grooms, we’ll never forget your eager anticipation and nerves as you wait to see your bride-to-be.
the way your eyes light up and you forget everyone else is around the moment she enters your view.
your face, and the many tears and smiles, as you wait at your end of the aisle.

thank you for the joy & honor of entering these sacred moments of your life.
we don’t take it for granted.

we hope you enjoy this tiny snippet of memories from this past wedding season as much as we do (it was sooooo hard to not pick ALL of them!!!)

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