February 1, 2021

Stephanie + Dirk’s Greenhouse Engagement Session// Eau Claire, W

Greenhouses are my happy place.
Combine that with an engagement session– and I’m over the moon in joy.

But really, I can’t help but think about symbolically powerful it all is.
That in the midst of winter, where everything externally is frozen, hard, barren, + dull–
the inside is secretly, inwardly thriving.
Abundant life everywhere you look.

It encourages my soul so strongly, that no matter what is going on around us– our outward circumstances or situations– we have full access to stewarding abundant life on the inside of us.

Joy in every season.

Because it’s intentional + learned. It’s stewarded.

Happiness is circumstantial– it comes + goes as a feeling.
Joy is a practice.
A discipline. Far more capable of impacting our lives + relationships + world than a fleeting feeling of happiness.

And that’s exactly what I pray for my couples– an unwavering, unshakeable JOY, regardless of what they’re walking through. That their hearts + homes will be inwardly thriving with life + passion.

Enjoy this look into my time with these two!!
I cannot wait til their wedding!!!

P.s. if you’re in the Eau Claire area– hit up my getaway place… Down to Earth Garden Center. You won’t be disappointed.


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