July 5, 2017

Alli&JP’s Glamorous & Gold-Accented Golf Course Wedding// Lake Wissota, WI

Photography by Kelsey Jonas & Alyssa Minton

Alli&JP’s day was beautiful and timeless.
Coming in from out of town, they and their family rented an air b-n-b home right on Lake Wissota– and it was a perfectly peaceful little spot for Alli and her girls to begin the day.
Gold accents, a stunning combination of tulle and lace on Alli’s dress, and darling florals created such a breathtaking array of details.
JP saw his bride for the first time on the wrap-around deck at the Lake Wissota Golf Course, and both of their reactions in that moment were a gift to witness. It will never grow old watching two people who just absolutely adore and admire one another see each other for the first time on the day they become one.
They said their vows, exchanged lives and rings and first kisses surrounded by dear friends, family and loved ones in the beautiful Notre Dame Church in Chippewa Falls, not far from the Golf Course.
Their celebration, laughter, tears, amazing food, and dancing then went into the night back at the Lake Wissota Golf Course. JP’s toast to his new wife was an easy pick for me on favorite moments of the day– hearing his heart and commitment to Alli was inspiring and refreshing– and it wasn’t far behind my absolute appreciation and admiration of how Alli is so expressive in her love, concern & care for those around her. She oozes kindness and doesn’t hold back in wearing her heart on her sleeve in the most affectionate way.

It was such a joy to celebrate these two and capture such a beautiful moment & unforgettable day in their story.
Here’s to even more beautiful moments & even more unforgettable days together.

Enjoy this look into their day! <3


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