March 21, 2017

Nicole&Ryan’s Marvelous March Wedding//Oak Grove MN

Photography by Alyssa Trainor & Andrea Chvatal

Nicole&Ryan’s day was full of light, love, and laughter as we got to celebrate what The Lord did a few months ago. Their story is so unique because on March 11th, 2017 was actually not the day they were married!! Nicole&Ryan decided last November that they we supposed to be obedient to the conviction of the Lord and were married in their home church with only a few close family members to witness their union.

But that didn’t stop them from planning a big celebration with family and friends that I was able to capture and enjoy! The love these two share runs deep and I am beyond excited to welcome Nicole as family! (The groom is my cousin!)

Their second big day started off at The Refuge Golf Club in Oak Grove, MN. As I drove up to the location it took my breath away. The stunning stone work and wooden structure of the building got this day started right! Nicole arrived with her hair and make up already done and as you can see she was glowing! Before I give it all away.. Why don’t you take a look at this retelling of Nicole&Ryan’s day!


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