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{ The face behind Availeth Photography }


Hello! I’m Kelsey!
I’m a whole-hearted follower and lover of Jesus, wife to the most giving, joyful, amazing man, and mother to the two most wonderful little boys, ages four and two.

When I’m not folding little socks, playing make-believe, doing dishes, making chicken pot pies, having heart-to-hearts, journaling, or jogging — I’m a photographer.

I have a desire to do all that I do whole-heartedly. Luke-warm is not an option.

I’m a lover of brown paper packages tied up with string, pumpkin white chocolate mochas are my downfall, and autumn just makes everything more enjoyable. Neutral colors scream my name, along with some splashes of yellow. And, if I could, I would just sit out in a wheat field for hours.

Photography has always been my one big creative outlet and passion — Ask my husband how horrible I am at drawing; you do not want to be on my team for Pictionary.

It began as simply a love and hobby in high school, and even as it’s grown and snowballed into where I am today, my goal is to still have it remain as what it began — never become “work” or just a “business.” I’m mainly self-taught — and always, always learning and growing.

My love for family, marriage, beauty in the ordinary and life as a whole far outweigh my love for photography — making it that much easier to invest in and enjoy capturing the seasons we walk through and celebrate.

 Photography is the story I fail to put into words. – Destin Sparks


{ The heart behind Availeth Photography }

We were made in the image of the One who passionately creates, and there’s a very real, divine sense of accomplishment and fulfillment instilled within us when we allow what’s inside of us to overflow and spill over into what we create and design — Availeth Photography is the result of just that.

It was unintentionally born out of that passion to see and freeze moments, seasons, and even the ordinary from a perspective that others may not– finding the beauty in it all.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
–Henry David Thoreau

With a love and appreciation for natural-light photography, you’ll find the gallery swarming with warm, golden-hour light. Genuine, heartfelt, and natural describe the heart behind each picture — and the reason we stay away from forced, posed shots, focusing more on candid and authentic moments.

Even more exciting than how we started, is where we’re going!
One of the most unique things about our photography is that booking with us means giving to the least of these.
Not only do you get beautiful memories and images for years to come, but 60% of your session/wedding package profit goes straight to feeding the poor, visiting the orphan, taking care of the widow, and just being the hands and feet of Jesus in this world.
You can find more specifics about investing in your images and in the lives of so many, locally and abroad, under the Investment tab.