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The Wahl Family– an evening of kiddos,farm kitties&sun-kissed barns//Tilden, WI

Photography by Kelsey Jonasfamilyfarmsession-38PIN

This family and this session just makes my heart happy and gives me all the feels.
Some of my favorite childhood memories are from when we lived on a farm just like this one in Michigan when I was five years old. I remember making forts in the hayloft, chasing the farm kitties, scraping my knees on the long dirt driveway and even the occasional bat that would somehow make it into my room (my mom was a beast with a tennis racket!).
And so when I pulled up to the Wahl family farm– my heart almost exploded with joy and nostalgia.
The kiddos immediately made me feel like family and we enjoyed the GORGEOUS fall evening wandering around their property.
I loveeee each of their little personalities (or should I say BIG;) ),
and how even in the midst of their spunk– they’re love for one another was as clear as the evening’s autumn sky.

The word that keeps coming to my heart and mind as I’ve been going through this session is
And although I hardly know this darling family, I cannot help but be overwhelmed by what is being passed down to their kiddos– in every sense of life.
“But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear Him, and His righteousness with their children’s children…” Psalm 103:17

I could seriously go on forever about these ones,
but I’ll just let you enjoy their images.
*sigh of contentment*.






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