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The Liebelt Family– an evening full of light and life// Eau Claire, WI

Photography by Kelsey JonasPIN

I just love these four, and was so excited to be able to photograph them and celebrate this season and new life in their family.
I’ve had the sweet joy of getting to know Erin over the past couple of years, and even having her shoot with me (you can check out her photography here!), and let me tell you.. this girl is absolutely all sweetness. She has the most tender-hearted, genuine and encouraging spirit and just oozes love and strength. To not mention, it’s pretty obvious that she makes pregnancy look like a dream.
The love and excitement surrounding their little one’s arrival is just beautiful.
November can’t come soon enough.

But beyond all of that, this family, this mother and this session represents so much more to me…
that hard night seasons and moments may come,
but the joy of the morning that is promised will always precede and overcome them.

Enjoy this look into my time with this darling family,
and be encouraged– the Author of Life and Giver of Light has already won.










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