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Kassi&Andy’s Beauty and Promise-filled Barn Wedding//Cornell, WI

Photography by Kelsey Jonas & Alyssa Trainor

The day started at the newly renovated Barn on Stoney Hill. We rolled up to this barn in amazement. The barn was already set up for the ceremony and reception in the same room when we arrived! The stunning bridal bouquet and the other floral pieces were done by Brent Douglas.  All the pieces fell perfectly into place and Aug 13th was truly all about the fact that Kassi&Andy were getting married :)
Love was in the air as Kassi was putting on her dress. The anticipation of the bride and groom’s first look was thick.. And when Andy finally saw his bride those feelings of anticipation were quickly replaced with pure joy and love. This seemed to set the tone for the rest of the day. You could see the love Andy has for Kassi — all over his face, his actions, and his words. We just loved how all of Kassi’s nervous excitement was covered in rest after seeing him. (Always a good sign when seeing your groom makes you less nervous!!;) )
We could not have envisioned a better day for these two. Witnessing them give their lives to one another was so inspiring as Andy’s Uncle encouraged and reminded them that in this thing called marriage we’re not fighting with each other we’re fighting for each other and to fight you lay down your life. Celebrating with all of their family and friends and seeing the outpouring of love for them was overwhelming and beautiful. Chasing golden light, running through fields with raindrops filling the sky, and finding ourselves at the end of a gorgeous rainbow couldn’t have been any sweeter.
The Lord covered this day with peace, joy, and love — and we’re just giddy over how He literally covered them with His sign of covenant and promise. There’s so much good in store for these two.
Enjoy the love in this re-telling of their day!
















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  • Carol Bell (Kassi's grandmother)

    Beautiful pictures! I could watch it over and over and over!

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